Ken Kupietz - Mural Artist & Decorative Specialities - Bio & Philosophy - Free mural art considered as per special request.

- Creativity Is The Core Of Human Existance -

Essentially the goal of the artist is to develop and render an image in a unique fashion which visually transports the viewer, conveying a message and or evoking emotions and memories. Art celebrates life ! And through this experience, life celebrates the Creator !

Handmade created objects hold and eminate the energy of the creator, happy artists make happy art, for art holds and reflects the energy within, so live your passion and let the music out.

Paint, design, illustrate, airbrush, hand letter, pinstripe, roll it on, roll it out, splatter it, spray it, yes I have been painting forever. I grew up on the west side of Chicago, my interests were always art oriented, and there by I went on to study art at Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. I have worked as an illustrator, line artist, and photographer as well as spending the last 30 years in the sign and display industry, which include the high work of some 800 billboards and buildings.      I still design and produce some custom signs but my murals are center stage. I 'am continuely influcenced by John LaFarge the father of the American mural movement, the art nouveau movement, arts and crafts movement, and the wild life muralist Francis Lee Jacques.      

Your artwork is designed to your budget considerations, square footage, and detail of theme - On Site or On Canvas

Parties interested in having a project considered or with a information request about painting techniques (gladly answered) MUST, call me prior to emails. We will not open an email unless qualified by phone in advance.  262 749-2007  All the best to you and thanks ! 


Mural art painter - Hand Painted Murals - Ken Kupietz Delavan, Wisconsin " WORLDS FASTEST BRUSH DRIVER " - Kenny The Brush -


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