Mural art painter - Hand Painted  Wall Murals - Trompe l'oeil - Ken Kupietz Delavan, Wisconsin " WORLDS FASTEST BRUSH DRIVER " - Kenny The Brush - Decorative Detailing

Hand Painted Mural Art - Decorative Detailing - Creative Interior Ideas - On Site or On Canvas for installation

ArtForms Inc - Creative Process Designing-Drawing-Painting

on site high school mural workshops.

ArtForms Studio "Experience Drawing To Paint", Acrylic & Oil Painting and Mural Art / includes spacial design / how color works / and the creative process

 A workshop for high school art students.

Call or email to schdule by Appointment

Call me with your questions or concerns 262 749-2007

Thank You Ken at ArtForms Inc.

Visit the Starline Building with link below


Inquiry questions gladly answered, artist "how to" info gladly shared, 262 749- 2007 - thank you for the consideration, Ken Kupietz ArtForms Inc.

If you have an idea or project in mind, to theme, size or budget, email me and I will share my view ! 

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