Trompe l'oeil - Hand Painted Murals - Ken Kupietz Delavan, Wisconsin " WORLDS FASTEST BRUSH DRIVER " - Kenny The Brush - hand painted mural bathroom

Motor home mural - Fishing Sunset

Above photoshop layout for motor home mural.

Here is rear of motor home masked off with paper, this is not me in picture . . . but client clowning with airbrush ..............

Here I am starting to airbrush farthest away lightest color . . .

Building out yellows to oranges

Hot sunset colors out to the cool blues.

Detail in dark silhouette shapes ( Createx colors ) and then automotive clearcoat - and yet another happy fisherman.

Parties interested in having a project considered or with a information request about painting techniques (gladly answered) MUST, call me prior to emails. We will not open an email unless qualified by phone in advance.  262 749-2007  All the best to you and thanks !

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